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’13 Reasons Why’ returns with final season

13 Reasons Why-season-4--netflix

The American teen drama, 13 Reasons Why, is returning for a final season today (June 5). And Quickly becoming the most tweeted about Netflix show to date following its first season premiere in March 2017.

The teen drama is ending today, Giving  characters what Devin Druid who plays Tyler Down calls a “proper sendoff.”

Devin Druid who played the rolle of Tyler Down, Told TVLine: “We were really fortunate that Netflix gave us the opportunity to have this many seasons and write an actual ending, not every show has that same luxury, so I’m really grateful.”
the serie’s trailer was released last month On Netflix. And  suprised the fans with the characters graduating from high school and reflecting on a host of season three cliffhangers.


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