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Adele Finally Records New Music Five Years After Last Album, Pearl Jam’s Matt Chamberlain Reveals

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New music from Adele is coming soon! In a recent interview with Matt Chamberlain, the Peal Jam alum revealed that he’s been busy in the studio with the singer!

Five years after the release of her last album, The “Someone Like You” singer has finally started secretly recording her new music in a studio in London last week.

The ex-Pearl Jam drummer Matt Chamberlain who let slip the news on The Eddie Trunk Podcast on SiriusXM revealed that he had teamed up with Adel last week, and gushed at how amazing the new tunes sound.

The session drummer explained: “I just got to work on some new music for Adele and to hear that voice in my headphones was giving me chills. It was just so powerful and emotive.

“You know her voice. But to be across the room. From somebody doing that. It’s just insane. You hear it on the radio. And whatever and you go. ‘Yeah, it’s really good’. But to be in the room with these people. And feel that energy. It’s just so heavy.”

Matt said of the Grammy-winner, “She’s writing some new material with her songwriter Rick Nowels, she wanted to do it with some drums and so we just put our masks on. She was in the room. Yeah, holy s***.”

Her most recent breathtaking album, 25, was released in 2015 but last month she confirmed that this new material would be part of Adele’s first record. However, the “Send My Love” hitmaker previously revealed she has “no idea” when her fourth record is going to be released when a fan asked her about the topic.

The fan asked: “Adele where’s the album?”

“I honestly have no idea.”  The 32-year-old singer replied.


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