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Ben Affleck Gushes Over Ex-Fiancé Jennifer Lopez: ‘You Look The Same As You Did In 2003’

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Ben Affleck gave ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez a slew of compliments, wondering how she looks exactly the same as when they were dating.

17 years after their split, Ben Affleck has nothing but glowing compliments for his former fiancée Jennifer Lopez. The 48 years old actor was one of many celebrities who offered their thoughts on J.Lo’s career for the May 2021 issue of InStyle, Affleck, who was engaged to the singer for a short time in the early aughts, seemed happy to step in. Gushing about her work ethic among other, considerably more flirty remarks.

“I was completely humbled. And blown away. By what she was committed to doing. Day in and day out. The seriousness in which she took her work. The quiet and dedicated way. She went about accomplishing her goals. Then how she would go back. And redouble her efforts,” Ben told InStyle.

He also called Jennifer “the hardest-working person. I’ve come across in this business”. And praised her talent as a performer.

“I’m so happy for her that she seems. At long last. To be getting the credit. She deserves,” He added.

Commenting on Jennifer’s seemingly ageless beauty, Ben, says: “Where are you keeping the fountain of youth? Why do you look the same. As you did in 2003. And it kind of looks like. I’m in my 40s… at best?”

The “Pa Ti” hitmaker, 51, laughed off the compliment, responding, “Ben is funny! He still looks pretty good too.”

Recently, the ‘Gone Girl‘ star candidly reflected on his relationship with the singer, mentioning the extreme negative attention she received in the press at the time.

“People were so fucking mean about her. Sexist, racist, Ugly. Vicious shit was written about her. In ways that. If you wrote it now. You would literally be fired. For saying those things,” he said during his appearance on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast. “Now it’s like. She’s lionized. And respected for the work she did. Where she came from. What she accomplished.”

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