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Blake Shelton Talks About Gwen Stefani Dyeing His Hair And Reveals What It Looks Like Now

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It seems like Gwen Stefani become Blake Shelton‘s private hairdresser during the quarantine!

Blake Shelton revealed that his girlfriend dying his gray-hued locks, joking he looked like ‘a game show host’, the country singer, 44, hilariously talked about the moment he suddenly realized his hair was gray

the ‘god gave me you’ singer said to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres. he gushed: “I was on Jimmy Fallon‘s “Tonight Show” in April and I saw a picture back and I turned my head to the back — [I thought] it was salt and pepper, and it was just…salt,” he added: “I was like ‘oh my god, when did this happen to me, I never pay attention to my hair, but then we [him and gwen] got all this attention and it was a mile a minute. It was completely white! How have I not noticed this?”

blake continued, confessing he demands the help of girlfriend Gwen Stefani, 50, to help get his hair goals back on track. “I’m on a show and I look like a game show host all of a sudden…I was just like we gotta do something, we ordered some Just For Men and I tried that for a while, I just wasn’t doing that right, It just had too much color…she just said, ‘let’s just do it right.’ At that point, I didn’t care because no one was going to see me as we were in quarantine.”

The ‘god’s country’ hitmaker admitted that he was satisfied with the final look, he said: “And I actually really liked it, I would have really liked it better if I had not gained 117 pounds during quarantine, I thought it made me look younger, but I was still just as fat. Now I’m actually trying to lose weight, and I’m not opposed to having her color my hair again, I don’t care, If it makes her happy, I’m cool with it.”

A new look isn’t their only project. Recently the couple releases a new music video for their song “Happy Anywhere,” which features adorable throwback videos of the couple!

Blake gushed: “We decided we were going to release another single and of course you need a video out. So Gwen has these 5 years worth of home videos on her phone, Gwen’s brother was with us in quarantine, too, in Oklahoma…got out there and shot a few setups of us singing new the song, he edited the whole thing and put the video together, It’s my favorite video I’ve ever had because it’s just so honest and real.”



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