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6 Celebrities Who Can Do Their Own Makeup Without Any Help

6 Celebrities Who Can Do Their Own Makeup Without Any Help

When it comes to red carpet events and magazine shoots, most stars splash out for a glam team to do their makeup. Or else a renowned makeup artist.

Here’s the thing, Though—some with the most beautiful famous faces actually, do their own makeup much of the time. And they’ve got some serious skills. In fact, you’d be surprised at how many stars have enviable talent in that area.

So here is a list of celebrities. Who are capable of doing their own makeup. And they still look fabulous, even though they don’t have a team working on them!
Halsey :

Halsey Never Uses A Makeup Artist, the famous singer insists on doing her own makeup for red carpets, on stage, and for photoshoots. She’s even partnering with YSL Beauté to create a series of looks on herself for the brand. The singer also expresses how self love she is about doing her own makeup to ELLE: “Being able to do my own makeup myself has brought me to autonomy and self-love. she tells “This is me”. This is what I look like. I’m happy with that I don’t want to change that.”
Blake Lively :

Among the many advantages of being an actress is living on set with several makeup artists and hairstylists. This is where Blake Lively learns all of her make up skills, telling The Cut, “I like doing my own makeup and hair for events. I think it’s fun,” she said. “…luckily through doing photo shoots, I get to work with so many amazing hair and makeup artists. That’s my version of YouTube.”

Ariana Grande :

Popstar Ariana Grande was caught doing her own eye makeup in this behind-the-scenes photo. Seemingly, the 26 years-old singer picked up some mad skills over the years. And to be honest she always looks so gorgeous with her eye makeup.

Zendaya :

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Despite becoming a Lancôme ambassador, Zendaya frequently does her own makeup for red carpet events. We can’t deny her makeup skills, because it’s jaw-dropping.

Scarlett Johansson :

Scarlett Johansson is one of the celebrities who do their makeup without any help. According to her interview with ELLE, Johansson says that she prefers to do her own makeup unless she has a major event booked in her calendar.

Rosie Huntington-Whitely :

After years of spending time in hair and makeup chairs, Rosie is capable now to do her own makeup, she even decides to launch her own beauty website, Rose Inc. The top model frequently does mini makeup tutorials on her account, like this smoky eye tutorial.


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