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Chris Evans Reveals Private Photo Leak Was ‘Embarrassing’: ‘It Was Embarrassing, But Things Happen’

Chris Evans Reveals Private Photo Leak Was ‘Embarrassing’: ‘It Was Embarrassing, But Things Happen’

Chris Evans admitted that he’s a little embarrassed by his NSFW Instagram photo leak.

Captain America is “embarrassed,” but coping after his accidental NSFW photo leak that broke the internet. Chris Evans, 39, told Tamron Hall on her talk show that he’s not really sweating it anymore.

“Listen, it was an interesting weekend full of lessons learned. Lot of teachable moments, It was embarrassing, but things happen. You gotta roll with the punches.”  The Avengers: Endgame actor added that he was thankful for his “pretty fantastic fans” for their outpouring support.

Chris’ appearance on Tamron Hall show comes just one day after he broke his silence about his NSFW Instagram leak. The actor accidentally shared some personal (pe*** pic) photos with millions of people via his Instagram story on September 12. Captain America swiftly deleted the post from his Instagram Story once he realised his gaffe, but not before his 6 million followers got a look at his Winter Soldier. Chris decided to embrace what happened with a sense of humor, He tweeted, “Now that I have your attention… VOTE Nov 3rd!!!”

Once word got around what happened, Chris was totally teased by his friends and family. His longtime Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo was one of the first to post a supportive reply, writing: “Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself. See… silver lining.”

Rian Johnson also got involved in the fun, writing: “I’m sure every mathematically possible pun is already in the mentions so I’ll just say LISTEN TO THIS MAN. (And pull that lever) (Oh man).”

Chris’ brother,  Scott Evans, also teased Chris Evans on Twitter, despite the fact that he was partially to blame for the photo leak. Chris and Scott were playing a game of Heads Up when Chris accidentally posted his camera roll. “Was off social media for the day yesterday,” the ‘Almost Love’ actor tweeted. “So. What’d I miss?”


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