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Chris Hemsworth Calls Ryan Reynolds ‘a d**khead’ And ‘The Worst Actor’ As Hilarious Feud Escalates

Chris Hemsworth Ryan Reynolds Feud

Chris Hemsworth got his revenge on Ryan Reynolds after the Deadpool star filmed his mother ‘trash talking’ him on Monday.

After his long-standing beef with Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds stuck in another feud but this time with Chris Hemsworth and It all started when the “Buried” star shared a video of his mom on Twitter trash-talking Chris, saying he is her ‘least favorite’ Australian.

Hemsworth has quickly responded, From the set of his new Netflix film Spiderhead, Chris records a video sitting next to the movie’s costume designer Dan Blacklock saying, “Hey, Ryan Reynolds. What’s up, man? I saw you got your mum. To trash talk me. And say some horrible things about me, so I’ve got my dad here. To say a few things about you. ” Dan sheepishly saying. “I’m not your dad.”

The 37 years old actor then told his “dad” to tell Ryan what he thought of him. “He’s a top man!” the crew member exclaimed. And Chris shot him down. “He’s not a top man! We talked about this before. Tell them all the stuff we discussed: you hate him, he’s a d**khead, the worst actor, your least favorite Canadian in the whole world.” Dan protested saying that Chris was being “ridiculous.” And the actor replied. “It’s not ridiculous. it’s what we talked about!”

“You said you hate Aviation Gin, it’s disgusting,” the “Men in Black: International” star continued, referring to Ryan’s gin company which he recently sold to Diageo for $610million. as Dan replied it was his “favorite drink.” Chris asked Dan. “And Green Lantern. What did you say about that?” to which his pal called it. “the best movie ever.” And the frustrated Thor hunk had to tell him.“It’s not the best movie ever. Even if you liked him, it’s not.”

Chris and Ryan’s feud is actually an inside joke stemming from their charitable fantasy football league, which also includes actors Anthony Mackie, Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, and Anthony Mackie as members.


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