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Denzel Washington pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman ‘He was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist’

Denzel Washington pays tribute to Chadwick Boseman 'He was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist'

after the beloved actor, Chadwick Boseman died on Friday, August 28. Washington released an Emotional statement about Boseman’s passing to Entertainment Weekly.

The Oscar-winner Washington, 65, described the Black Panther actor- Chadwick Boseman – as a “gentle soul and brilliant artist”.

In the statement, he wrote: “He ‘Chad’ was a gentle soul and a brilliant artist, who will stay with us for eternity through his iconic performances over his short yet illustrious career. God bless Chadwick Boseman.”

However, Boseman revealed in 2018 that Denzel Washington helped him to go to Oxford. By paying his fees for an acting course in Oxford almost 20 years before. He also admits that he may not have gotten to where he is now without the indirect help of Washington.

Boseman told Jimmy Fallon on NBC’s “The Tonight Show.” : “I’ve basically been holding this secret my whole career, when I came back, I got a beneficiary letter and it said Denzel Washington paid for you,”

In a subsequent interview on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” Washington joked that he was still waiting for the “Black Panther” star to pay him back.

“I saw Ryan Coogler and Chad, and he said, ‘Oh, you know, I just wanted to thank you for paying,’ and I said, yeah, that’s why I’m here. I’m not here to see — I liked the movie, ‘Black Panther,’ yeah, good, Wakanda Forever, but where’s my money?'” Washington recalled.

Boseman was born in South Carolina. And he graduated from Howard University, Chad had small television roles before his first-star turn in 2013. His striking portrayal of the stoic baseball star Robinson opposite Harrison Ford in 2013′s “42” drew attention in Hollywood and made him a superstar.

Boseman, who was suffering 4 years from colon cancer died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family by his side, and his publicist, Nicki Fioravante told The Associated Press about his death.

Announcing his death, Boseman’s family said: ‘It is with immeasurable grief that we confirm the passing of Chadwick Boseman. It was the honor of his life to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther.’




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