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Gwen Stefani Says She Wishes Blake Shelton had Proposed Sooner

Gwen Stefani Blake Shelton Proposal

Gwen Stefani recently opened up about her engagement and proposal from Blake Shelton, Saying that she actually wondered for a long time why her now-fiance is taking so long to propose.

Speaking of the couple’s upcoming nuptials, Stefani told Jimmy Fallon during her appearance on the “Tonight Show,” that they have no plans because of the pandemic.

The “Rich Girl” singer also said that they want to wait out until the pandemic is over, so they can have a proper ceremony, She even joked and revealed that she teases her fiance on why he couldn’t have proposed sooner. “It’s like. Blake. Why couldn’t you have done it before! Now we can’t have a wedding. With the pandemic. It’s like sitting around going. OK, drag it out more!” she said.

Talking about the proposal itself, Stefani admits that it was “pretty magical.”

The “Make Me Like You” singer gushed. ” I Wasn’t expecting it. At the moment it happened. I didn’t have any idea.”

“I was sort of like. ‘What’s happening with us?'” The singer added about their relationship. before Blake finally asked her to marry him.

“It was kind of in my mind, like. ‘We’ve been together a long time now. What’s going on?’ I was in that place. In my head.”

Back in October, Gwen shared the engagement news with her boyfriend for 5 years, Blake Shelton, The pair started dating in 2015 after appearing on “The Voice” together as coaches the previous year.


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