Home News Celebrity J Balvin Cancelled After Seemingly Shading ‘Queen’ Shakira!

J Balvin Cancelled After Seemingly Shading ‘Queen’ Shakira!

J Balvin Cancelled After Seemingly Shading ‘Queen’ Shakira!

Colombian singer J Balvin slammed on twitter , after throwing shade at the ‘Queen Shakira’ during an interview with the Black Eyed Peas, and Shakira’s fans were quick to come for him!

Black Eyed Peas participated in a Q&A with Billboard to discuss their new album Translation alongside two of the album’s featured artists

At one point. BEP was asked if they needed to be more flexible. When working with Maluma or with J Balvin. But Will.i.am. admitted that it was actually another collaborator who required the most flexibility-Shakira..

Will.i.am mentioned that he had a lot to learn from her when working together ; “because the way she does it is like a school.” He continued, “Number one. Fix number one like this, here are my notes. And then for number two, I would really like to address this on number two, and then for number three…”

At this point, Balvin interrupted with: “…and then you go back to one, and then go to seven. Then go to 10. Then go to 20, and then go back to number one. One is the one.”

Needless to say, Shakira fans interpreted the reggaeton singer‘s remarks as “disrespectful” towards Shakira, leading to him being well and truly reprimanded by her fans on Twitter.

‘I think J Balvin needs to be reminded of the power that Shakira holds. LMAO sit down. You’re not about to talk s*** to a Latina queen. Who paved the way for you and countless others.’ / ‘I KNOW J Balvin didn’t just try to diss Shakira. The woman who has built up the latino pop community for decades.’ / ‘Nobody talks s*** about Shakira. The Queen of Latin music.’

Shakira and J Balvin have never actually collabed on a song before but did work together for the Super Bowl since Shakira headlined the Halftime Show alongside J.Lo. and J Balvin and Bad Bunny were also guests performers.


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