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Jason Momoa Surprises Little Aquaman Fan Battling Cancer By Heartwarming Call

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Actor Jason Momoa surprised a young fan battling cancer with a heartwarming FaceTime call claiming that he is a real-life superhero.

A brave young Marshfield boy who is battling a rare form of brain cancer is going viral after his excitement was caught on camera opening an Aquaman action figure. The little boy got an even bigger surprise Wednesday, he FaceTimed with Jason Momoa, the “Aquaman” himself.


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“Hi Aquaman,” Danny said. “I’m so excited.”

“Hi Beautiful boy,” Momoa said smiling. “I’m excited.”

Before Danny tells Momoa how excited he is to be speaking with him. Jason, who is seen smiling from ear to ear, tells the little boy:”You are so beautiful. You’re excited? I’m excited. I’ve been hearing about you all over from all of my friends and I wanted to call you and say hi and see how you’re doing.”

Momoa also promises to take Danny to ride a dolphin after telling him that he has never ridden on a dolphin or seen one either.

“I’ve been riding on dolphins and it’s super fun,” Momoa said. “We should try it sometime.”

further, the actor, 41,  said he would give Danny one of his tridents and invited him to the filming of “Aquaman 2” in London next year.

The Seven-year-old boy has been fighting cancer since January 2017 when he has diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer ‘pineoblastoma’, and Leptomeningeal disease, which is cancer in the cerebral spinal fluid.


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