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Anonymous reveals the jeffery epstein’s death secret and a lot of celebrities involved

Anonymous is back and this time, and lot of secrets are reveal.

Anonymous-reveals-the-jeffrey epstein-s-death-secret
On May 29, The international hacktivist collective, Anonymous posted a video message on their Facebook page. After remaining idle for close to three years. And issued a warning to the Minneapolis Police Department for the deliberate killing of George Floyd in USA.

A few hours after the Anonymous video spread on the internet. The cyber activists exposed the relationship of renowned personalities with the Jeffrey Epstein child trafficking network, these names included Ivanka and Ivana Trump, Naomi Campbell, Chris Evans (the English TV host, NOT the Marvel actor). Mick Jagger and Will SmithPhil Collins, Prince Andrew and Tony Blair, And  many others.

The anonymous revealsed the information as a document named Little Black Book. The documents also reveal that a woman filed a complaint against Trump and Epstein, Stating that they raped her when she was 13 years old. Sharing the link to the document titled ‘Jeffrey Epstein Little Black Book’ on Twitter. Anonymous pulled out receipts and wrote.  “You had Jeffrey Epstein killed to cover up your history of child trafficking and rape.”

In addition, Anonymous launched a direct threat against the President of the United States. Donald Trump, Whose name also appeared on the aforementioned list, and has been accused of raping minors.

Also he alleged to have a record on organised crime, a reason given for why he is being blackmailed by Russia. A country that has all the necessary evidence against him.


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