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Jennifer Aniston Defended By Fans on Twitter After Backlash For Coronavirus-Themed Christmas Ornament

Jennifer Aniston Defended Fans Christmas Jennifer Aniston Friend

Jennifer Aniston has slammed after sharing a photo on her Instagram of a Christmas ornament that many thoughts made light of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jennifer became a trending topic on Twitter on December 26, and it’s not because of the upcoming Friends reunion, this time. Instead, the “Break-Up” actress found herself in the middle of a controversy over a COVID-themed Christmas ornament.

It all started Former Friends actress, 51, posted a photo on her Instagram Story on Christmas Day that showed her holding a wooden circle with the words “our first pandemic 2020” carved into it in elegant text.


However, many Twitter users weren’t happy to see the actress commemorating what has been such a dark time for many, and found the ornament a little tasteless given the circumstances.

“Just because u like a celebrity. That doesn’t mean u should not hold them accountable. I’m sorry. But that’s so insensitive to put an ornament. Saying “pandemic 2020″. Innocent lives were lost because of this pandemic. We’re not going to celebrate this s—. Do better Jennifer Aniston,” one user wrote.


Another person wrote. “Jennifer Aniston is a damn fool. For posting that ornament … celebrities are ditzy af.” he continued, “’Cheers to our first pandemic of 2020. Where millions of people died! Let’s celebrate that on a Christmas ornament!’”


On another side, many were quick to rush to the star’s defense, saying the ornament was simply a joke.

“so we’re canceling Jennifer Aniston. For a harmless Christmas ornament? Lord have mercy. Can y’all grinches. Go somewhere else,” one fan wrote.

“I think it’s beautiful. it’s a memory. Even though not a great one. There’s nothing wrong with it! I have 2 Christmas ornaments one with snoopy wearing a mask and it says 2020, another with two people wearing masks which is personalized with our names and it says 2020.” someone else added.


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