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Justin Bieber sub Drake in DJ Khaled’s ‘Popstar’ video

Justin Bieber sub Drake in DJ Khaled's 'Popstar' video-love yorself

Drake is tired of shooting music videos, so he called one of the biggest pop stars in the world to sub for him !!

The new video for the single “Popstar” features Justin Bieber, lip-syncing Drake’s lyrics.

Drake steps aside to let the Love Yourself Hitmaker take center stage, at the video clip. We see Justin Bieber wake up the morning after a big night party with gorgeous models, dollar and bills red cups strewn across the floor and dance around a mansion with tonnes of friends, drinks everything and anything, and raps along to Drake’s lyrics while clad in Versace.

Breezy name-checked many people on his latest hit – Ariana Grande, Bieber himself, Scooter Braun (who also stars in the video), Whitney Houston, and David Foster – so too is Justin’s ex Selena Gomez.

‘Look, Ariana, Selena, my Visa,’ and Justin fully lip syncs his ex-girlfriend’s name.

However, as the story in the video progresses, Justin awakens in bed next to his wife, Hailey. To found out that he’s not returned to his partying ways and it was all a bad dream…




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