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Justin Bieber Opens Up About His Past, Shares Wife Hailey’s Influence on His Career

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Justin Bieber has opened up about making peace with that part of his life, also the role his wife Hailey Baldwin has played to change his life, in a new interview with Billboard Magazine.

Bieber admitted, “I can talk about that part of my life. And not feel like, ‘Oh, man. I was such a bad person’. Because I’m not that person anymore. I also have done the work. To know why I was making those decisions. I know where that pain was coming from. That caused me to act the way. I was acting.”

the “Hold On” singer also revealed how much Hailey has changed his life, and what an important role she’s played since they get married two years ago.

“One thing that has been so helpful. Is my wife is so by the book. She’s so structured. And routine and so responsible,” the singer said. The Canadian crooner explained that his supermodel wife helped him “realize that. I either take responsibility for this. Or else. I’m not going to be able to sustain. A certain lifestyle that I want.”

Later in the interview, the “Baby” hitmaker revealed that he expects Hailey will tour with him. “We’re going to plan really cool excursions with the two of us,” he said, revealing that he’s “in a really good place” thanks in part to his wife.

“Hailey’s love language. Is just lying around. Watching a movie,” JB added, before admitting how much his life has changed since the struggles he faced in the early days of his career. “Everything was about success. Benchmarks and such. And then I was just still empty. You know?” he said. “All my relationships were suffering. but I had all this success. And all of this money. It just wasn’t fulfilling for me.”


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Justin, 27, who’s not missing any chance to express love to his wife, took to Instagram on International Women’s Day earlier this month to prize Hailey, 24, and share that she has been educating him about women’s struggles.

“I know I have been naive. And haven’t been empathetic to women. In the past. And have overlooked their struggles”. The “Lonely” singer wrote alongside a diverse illustration of women. “I am learning every day besides my wife. As I see. All of the struggles she faces. That I will never have to face.”

“I am committed to being better. And more aware of the struggles women face. That man never will!!” he continued. “Women you are superheroes. And deserve to be celebrated today. And every day.”


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