Home Music Morgan Wallen Comeback With Nostalgic New Song ‘7 Summers’

Morgan Wallen Comeback With Nostalgic New Song ‘7 Summers’

Morgan Wallen comeback with Nostalgic New Song 7 Summers

Morgan Wallen releases his latest track “7 Summers” from his upcoming second album, a new nostalgic track dedicated to the one who got away.

The East Tennessee native co-wrote “7 Summers” alongside Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne. Morgan Wallen stated that he wasn’t sure if the now-fan favorite track would make the cut for his upcoming sophomore album but says the fans quickly helped him make that decision when he shared snippet of a song as a demo on his instagram and TikTok.

Wallen says In a press release coinciding with the track :“I heard a lot of good feedback from it on Instagram, and then it started making the rounds on TikTok – I saw how much the song was getting played and how much people were enjoying it, even just the first verse and chorus.”

The 27-years-old singer added, “Social media played a huge part in me releasing this song, especially this early. It’s a cool thing — me being on the fence about it, then being able to put it out and get people’s feedback. Seeing the response played the biggest part in this release. I think that speaks to just how much fans mean to me and fans mean to music. I’m glad I’m getting to put it out and glad people are loving it, I can’t wait for y’all to hear the full version.”

Morgan Wallen’s song “7 Summers” make a big splash on the US iTunes sales chart. It leads the way at #1 on the all-genre listing. And seized the throne from Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP,” which is down to #2.


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