Home News Celebrity Sia Adopts 2 Sons:”I think they saved me, so I’m in heaven”

Sia Adopts 2 Sons:”I think they saved me, so I’m in heaven”

Sia Adopts 2 Sons:

Just weeks after Sia revealed she adopted two teenage sons last year. The singer is opening up about her experience as a mother.

The Chandelier singer said, “It’s a blessing for me,I think they saved me, so I’m in heaven.”

The two young men who are now 19 and whose names and faces have not yet been revealed. They were just 18 when they were welcomed into her home.

After announcing the news for the first time, Sia also noted that she adopted them as they were set to age out of the foster care system. With her, they could get the help they both needed.

She said that They both suffered a lot. And I’ve been able to get them the help — I have the resources to get them the help that they needed for their early trauma, Tt’s taken a year and we’ve had our ups and downs. But we’ve never been in a better place than today, in fact.”she said.

In addition to discussing motherhoodSia also also spoke about the police killing of Elijah McClain, and Breonna Taylor, both of whom died at the hands of police. Taylor was 26 and McClain was 23 at the time of their deaths.

“Can we do something else first? Because it’s more meaningful to me than anything else at the moment entertainment-wise,” she said. “I wanted to talk about [how] we can do something about this police brutality, you don’t just have to feel bad.”


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