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Will And Jada Pinkett Smith laugh Up Over ‘Entanglement’ Memes & He admits He ‘Wasn’t Crying’

Will smith meme Jada smith entanglement august Will And Jada Pinkett Smith laugh Up Over ‘Entanglement’ Memes

will and Jada Pinkett Smith clarified the truth behind the ‘Crying Will Smith’ memes in the new Red Table Talk episode.

Months after the ‘Girl Trip’ actress admitted she had “got into a different kind of entanglement” with the R&B singer August Alsina during an episode of RTT, Jada and husband Will Smith talked about the “Crying Will Smith” memes who went viral on social media that time.

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When you know you already screwed up 😂

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The viral moment from the video came from Will’s facial expression when Jada was discussing her romance with Alsina, with many taking pity on the actor and perceiving him to look sad.

However, A recent video clip surface of the couple joking about their Red Table Talk moment and especially the memes that ensued. The couple explained that they filmed their RTT episode at midnight right before Will had to catch a flight, and although they discussed re-recording it, they went ahead and used the late-night footage. Jada said: “He wasn’t crying,” then Will explained: “It was midnight! We were shooting at midnight ‘cos we were trying to rush to go to the airport in the morning, and I was tired.” Jada said she regrets not sticking “to my first gut and reshoot the whole thing. ”

The ‘Men in Black’ actor continued: “I’m not said a lot. I think because I drink so much coffee, I get dehydrated, and it makes my eye water, People think I’m crying all the time ”

Jada also jocked of that one moment from July 10 RTT saying that it has replaced “Crying Michael Jordan” as the new sad meme.


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